Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Britney Spears - Alyson Dyer Photo Shoot 1998

Adorable!!! Britney Spears photograped by Alyson Dyer from 1998. Brit is wearing light pink tank and pink pants, sitting in a green chair. I think these pictures were used for a feature in Entertainment Weekly that also included Nsync. Britney is absolutely the most amazing woman in the world!!!


  1. britney was sooooo damn cute here! what a doll!who wouldv'e thought that this sweet, innocent looking teenager would be the biggest star in the world in just a few short years! i don't care what anyone says, britney's impact during the 2000's was comparable to michael jackson and madonna in the 80's! every little pop star on the planet wanted to be like her and every record company wanted their own version of her-there was christina aguilera, jessica simpson, willa ford, mandy moore, brooke hogan ect. there was even a country singer named alicia elliot that copied brit's legendary " more time" video! and the performances-oh man! britney has had some of the most iconic performances EVER including the 2001 vma awards performance of "i'm a slave for you" with the snake, the 2000 vma awards performance with the jewel-encrusted outfit (which has since been copied by both j-lo and heidi montag) and the 2003 performance where she kissed madonna. whether people want to admit it or not, britney is an icon!

    1. Oh yeah she definitely is an icon!:) I agree with you all the way Britney Spears has done a whole lot of stuff during her early years.This picture is cute, and I just absolutely love this Britney blog. :) Her creativity mind is what makes her so special. Can you please give me some of the things Britney has came up with on her own? Like I know she wrote the script for 'Baby one more time' music video (it's said in everyone of her documentaries), but what else has she done on her own? Thank you.:) Amazing comment you made.:)

    2. Cause that creativity mind is what makes Britney special to me. :) What makes Britney Spears special to you?